Off-Road Trails in Las Vegas

The understanding that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas has an entirely new meaning behind the wheel. Those who have gone to Las Vegas for off-roading know that the region has much more than casinos and interesting drinks. The limitless nature of the off-roading Las Vegas offers leaves visitors coming back for more memories to be made. Beyond the nightlife at the center of the city, off-roading opportunities help define Las Vegas as a place where adventurers can leave their concerns behind and embrace no boundaries.

Off Roading in Las Vegas

Why Off-Road in Las Vegas?

When most people think of Las Vegas, off-roading does not come to mind. Perhaps more thrilling than a suspenseful game of blackjack are the endless possibilities for off-roaders surrounding the city. Knowing the excitement awaiting them on the trails should give off-roaders more than enough reason to add Las Vegas to their list. Off-roaders who have experienced the trails know the wonderful mix of thrill, scenery and serenity Las Vegas has. 

By considering factors such as scenery, accessibility and what users are saying, we have provided the best off-road trails in Las Vegas.

Rocky Gap/Potato Ridge Road 

Off-roaders in the Las Vegas area commonly regard Rocky Gap Road (or Potato Ridge Road) as favorite among local trails. Located in the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon National Conservation, the trail will not disappoint anybody seeking phenomenal aesthetics on their off-roading journey. Rocky landscapes and evergreens are some of the natural features included. The trail gets its name from its rocky nature that will likely prove too difficult for inexperienced off-roaders. Much of the road is made of gravel and small dirt in addition to small rocks. Rocky Gap Road shows that the fun of Las Vegas doesn’t leave off-roaders out. 

Wheeler Pass

Located in the Spring Mountain National Recreation area, Wheeler Pass works as a trail where off-roaders can get the most out of their time behind the wheel. The trail features small and large boulders, dirt roads, and drivable sandy areas. Wheeler Pass is not ideal for beginners but not only for highly skilled off-roaders either. Off-roaders of moderate ability can navigate through the trail. Outstanding views of surrounding mountains makes Wheeler Pass a trail where off-roaders can utilize their skills and appreciate natural landscapes. 

Gass Peak Road

With incredible mountains and desert scenery, Gass Peak Road reminds off-roaders why they left home in the first place. The trail is smooth and relaxing when compared to others in the area. Featuring views of the Vegas Valley and the Las Vegas Strip, Gass Peak Road works for off-roaders who are also dedicated tourists. The trail has an underground cave for anybody who wants to get out of their vehicle for a different adventure. As off-roaders enjoy driving along the mostly dirt and gravel road, they can expect some wildlife sightings. The trail can prove steep but with good traction. The memorable sights of the city on the trail does not diminish from the sensational nature offered. Open blue skies and plentiful Joshua trees help Gass Peak Road serve as a trail that lets off-roaders embrace everything around them.  

Color Rock Quarry

Off-roaders who live for sightings that words can’t fully articulate will enjoy Color Rock Quarry. Anybody who wants an off-roading experience that illustrates the beauty of the natural Las Vegas area doesn’t need to look any further. You can see a breathtaking mix of mountains on the trail along with fossilized sand dunes and Aztec sandstone. This is an ideal trail for off-roaders of all skill levels who prefer to see different natural elements. 

Cow Camp Road

Ending with a waterfall encampment, the drive through the mountains on Cow Camp Road is worth it. While there are some areas with loose gravel and dirt, the trail works as a fairly easy one for off-roaders. There are no significant obstacles on Cow Camp Road but rather an area where cattle used to be gathered which has given the trail its iconic name. The unique history and camping areas distinguish Cow Camp Road as not only a trail with a memorable name but one where memories can be made. 

Pine Nut Mountains Vista Trail

Off-roaders who aren’t seeking the cleanest of trails will find great use for Pine Nut Mountains Vista Trail. With a double-track dirt trail, off-roaders can expect steep rocky areas. As the trail presents different steep parts, off-roaders can rely on Pine Nut Mountains Vista Trail to keep them on their toes and avoid predictability. 

Potosi Pass Road

With some hills and only slightly uneven terrain, Potosi Pass Road is a primarily easy trail for off-roaders looking for some flat desert scenery. Cliff walls, desert vegetation and wildlife can be seen on the trail as well. Many movies were filmed in the area and off-roaders will understand why once they embark on the trail. The scenery of Potosi Pass Road can provide the essence of a believable Western motion picture. 

Tie Rod Canyon

With different challenges and worthwhile views, off-roaders can expect satisfaction with Tie Rod Canyon. The trail goes over flat desert and over a mountain and down a rather testing canyon. Sizable ledges composed of large boulders can bestow some challenges on this trail which should be avoided by beginners. While the more demanding aspects of the trail require the utmost focus, the views of Spring Mountains will give a wonderful sense of peace. 

Joe May Road

Off-roaders who enjoy exploring the desert both in and out of the vehicles will quickly see why Joe May Road is a worthy destination. The trail ends with some comforting camping areas. Excellent desert valley views are also featured on the trail along with memorable mountain scenery. The difficulty level of the trail will not leave any off-roaders feeling left out. With some small hills and bumpy terrain, Joe May Road will not present off-roaders with unbearable obstacles. The campsite is in walking distance from where the road ends. Off-roaders yearning for a sense of community along with their need for adventure will find their time well spent on Joe May Road. 

Kodachrome Road

Those who value off-roading as a method of relaxation should add Kodachrome Road to their list. The trail is easy and doesn’t ask for much time or energy. Kodachrome Road can serve any off-roader well who needs a quick break from the insanity of Las Vegas. The peaceful and easygoing nature of the trail lets off-roaders decompress from whatever concerns they have. The trail also has a view of Frenchman Mountain that will catch anybody’s attention. Perhaps some of the most appealing aspects of the trail are the visuals. Geology buffs will love the different colored rocks and dirt included in the calm drive. Kodachrome road works for off-roaders who need a few minutes to clear their minds and remember how captivating nature can be. 

Mormon Well Road

A trail that is so welcome to beginners that passengers cars are often seen on it, Mormon Well Road can help newcomers decide if they indeed want to take off-roading to the next level. While not a challenging trail, the road can remind experienced off-roaders why they fell in love with this pastime in the first place. Crossing the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, the trail has no shortage of sensational scenery. The middle of Mormon Well Road has a picnic and camping area. The trail can take you through copious Joshua trees and introduce you to bighorn sheep, wild burros and elk. The changes of scenery can give off-roaders something to look forward to on a rather easy path.