Off-Road Trails in Denver

Denver and its surrounding areas offer an enticing mix of outdoor adventure and booming city life. With iconic sports teams, fantastic music and lively restaurants, Denver’s list of magnificent qualities is always growing. Just outside of the city lies trails that promise true off-roaders a brand new list of reasons to love the area. Here are our favorite off-road trails within a day trip from Denver.

Why Off-Road Near Denver?

While the extraordinary natural scenery of the Denver area is sought by people of all passions, off-roaders will especially appreciate what the landscape offers. A rich variety of vegetation and some fascinating historic sights make off-roading near Denver an experience guaranteed to stand out.

We took scenery, accessibility, and what users are saying into consideration to provide a list of the best easy off-road trails near Denver.

Devil’s Canyon

One of the best off-road trails near Denver, Devil’s Canyon is a great option for trail-goers who are short on time but aren’t willing to sacrifice any fun.While the trail is manageable for off-roaders of all skill levels, it still offers a top-notch mountain experience. Surrounded by endless forests, the trail works wonders for off-roaders who want to immerse themselves in nature. Outdoor lovers will also be pleased with the spacious grassy areas perfect for camping. The incredible mountain views assure that you can get the mountain experience on Devil’s Canyon without the risks of a difficult trail. 

Beaver Creek / Muddy Creek

Friends looking to make some off-roading memories will not want to miss out on Beaver Creek and Muddy Creek. The serene camping areas along Beaver Creek work wonderfully for those who enjoy camping as much as time on the trails. This loop trail will test your ability to handle the mud and willingness to get your rig dirty. While the trails are rather easy, off-roaders should be aware of some narrow parts of Muddy Creek. The mud is the worst in the summer. Don’t count on the mud fully drying and know that this is a fulfilling trail for off-roaders looking for a muddy yet conquerable excursion. 

Boreas Pass

Boreas Pass is a unique trail in the Denver area known for it’s peaceful scenery and historic features.Beautiful wildflowers line the smooth trail which was initially made for a railroad, evidenced by the exhibits that still exist along the route.. Although bumpy at times, this is a trail that welcomes off-roaders of all skill levels and is accessible by nearly any passenger car. Boreas Pass offers a rather relaxing off-roading experience while paying tribute to some rich local history. 

Jackson Creek South / Watson Park

Off-roaders looking for a new place to explore will not regret a visit to Jackson Creek and South Watson Park. These trails are best experienced together, and they lead to the northern portion of the Rampart Range trails. Depending on which direction you enter the trails, the north side of South Watson Park either descends or ascends for the duration. No matter if you choose t0 climb up or head down, the route is exciting yet doable. Jackson Creek is flat and smooth with only one rutted spot at the south end. The varied features of Jackson Creek and South Watson Park add up to a quality time. The trails also feature eye-catching scenery and ample spots for camping. 

Rollins Pass West

Increasingly captivating scenery makes Rollins Pass West a trail you won’t want to leave. It kicks off through Aspen groves and leads to remarkable panoramic views. Some of the trail views include Winter Park ski area and alpine lakes. Hikers also enjoy Rollins Pass West’s enjoyable hiking trails that dot the route, some of which lead to historic train trestles.The trestles are great sight-seeing but be sure to keep a cautious distance, as they’re not safe to walk on. Rollins Pass West is the kind of trail that off-roaders of all abilities and interests can enjoy. 

Oh-My-God-Road, Russell Gulch

Steep and winding, Oh-My-God-Road deserves its unconventional name. History lovers will appreciate Russell Gulch’s tremendous sightseeing. A historic ghost town, Russell Gulch’s intriguing history keeps its legacy very much alive. The historic sites have been preserved despite ongoing land developments, and many of the buildings from the community are still standing—providing a front row seat to the days of gold mining from the 1850s. You can also find a few restaurants and shops in the area. . Together, Oh-My-God-Road and Russell Gulch create an off-roading experience filled with adventure and history. 

West Magnolia

If you are looking for an opportunity to take the kids off-roading, look no further than West Magnolia. This is an easy path will rolling hills that will keep the whole family safe and excited. Camping areas along the route offer the opportunity to take the fun outside the vehicle.There are some historic mining sites in the area as well. The trail is popular for fun afternoons given its proximity to Denver. West Magnolia proves that the kids don’t have to feel excluded from off-roading. 

Jones Pass

Jones Pass serves as a wonderful reminder that some sights are always worth the drive. At the top of the trail, you’ll be welcomed by indescribable mountain views and a glimpse of the Henderson Molybdenum Mine. Jones Pass also offers some excellent hiking at Butler Gulch, and there are plenty of campsites along the trail. Impeccable views, camping, and hiking make Jones Pass the ultimate trail for just about any activity.

Stevens Gulch

Suitable for smaller vehicles Stevens Gulch promises some thrilling moments. Although the trail is mostly easy, dirt and small rocks can throw in some curveballs. Drivers of small vehicles should look out for wet conditions as they will make the trail much more difficult. Be sure to stay on the trail as private land lies alongside. Overall, Stevens Gulch is an exceptional trail for beginners who want to start off-roading the right way. 

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