The Corridor

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2331.81 ft



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spring, summer, fall



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Named after Major John Ebbett and pointed out in 1853 to surveyor G.H. Goddard who referred to it as a "route of great promise, probably the best one for transcontinental railway". No Emigrant train used this route but a stage road was completed here in 1864 to serve the mining region of Silver City. "Major" J.A.N. Ebbetts claimed to have led a group of miners and mules east over the Sierras in 1851, using a snow-free pass at the headwaters of the Mokelumne River. Later, in 1853, he led a railroad survey team across the Sonora Pass region. From a high peak just east of Sonora Pass he pointed north to the pass he thought he took in 1851 to George Goddard, a mapmaker. In 1854, Ebbetts died in a steamer explosion. In memoriam, Goddard placed the name Ebbetts Pass on the map he completed in 1856, approximately in the region he thought Ebbetts had pointed out. It was not until 1893, however, that the U.S. Geological Survey team, in drafting the Markleeville Quadrangle, officially named the location for Ebbetts.

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If you take scenic highway 4 get ready for amazing views and a very windy, steep, at times single lane road. Highly recommended to not drive with a trailer as you may not have enough room for vehicles traveling the other direction in some spots. From Reno, travel South on 395/580 to Gardnerville. Take 88 towards Markleeville. Merge onto 89 Southtowards Markleeville. At the interchange stay right on highway 4 (left continues on 89). Continue down highway 4 until you have reached Ebbett's pass.