Off-Road Trails in Phoenix

With a vibrant city atmosphere and proximity to stunning natural scenery, Phoenix is a truly unique place. Arizona’s capital works just as well for visitors wanting a fun nightlife as it does for tourists seeking breathtaking views. Endless possibilities make Phoenix a city that keeps people coming back for more.

Why Off-Road Near Phoenix?

Right outside the popular metropolis are several trails fit for off-roading adventures that offer different characteristics for off-roaders with varying preferences and abilities Rocky challenges and captivating desert landscapes are just a couple reasons to check out what the Phoenix area has to offer. 

We took into consideration scenery, accessibility, and what users are saying to provide a list of the best off-road trails near Phoenix.

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Best Off-Road Trails in Phoenix

Montana Mountain

With phenomenal mountain views and desert scenery, Montana Mountain will remind off-roaders why the Phoenix area is for them. The trail attracts visitors from all over. Campers will enjoy the campgrounds. Hewitt Station Road can be driven on by ATVs and UTVs. Most of the trail is easy but it should be noted that there are some noticeably narrow and steep parts. Great company and wonderful views help make Montana Mountain an ideal trail.

Bulldog Canyon

Off-roaders interested in astonishing aesthetics and noteworthy history won’t regret making time for Bulldog Canyon. Located in the Tonto National Forest’s Goldfield Mountains and the Sonoran Desert, the breathtaking scenery is just one reason to try the trail. Once one of the richest gold mines in the country, the Bulldog Mine is a great spot for history lovers. Rugged canyons and gigantic cliffs also give the trail a distinguishing feel. It is important to stay on the designated routes. You can take a dip in Saguaro Lake during the more humid months. The trail has some camping available as well. With only a few steep areas with minor ruts, this trail is welcoming to off-roaders of all skill levels. The inviting atmosphere and beautifully natural features of Bulldog Canyon will leave off-roaders wanting more.  

Desert Runners: Boulders to Box Canyon

With a smooth dirt road and rock mountain scenery, Boulders to Box Canyon reminds us of the best the Phoenix area offers. Upon arrival at Box Canyon, off-roaders can enjoy the water.. Everybody should know to close any gates they come across them on the trail. The trail has some exhilarating opportunities to go up and down mountains. Most of the trail is rather easy but off-roaders should know to expect particularly rocky areas. Boulders to Box Canyon allows for the desired serenity and the thrill of off-roading.

Walnut Canyon

With some of Arizona’s most preserved and striking regions, Walnut Canyon is a stellar stop for off-roaders who yearn for remarkable desert scenery. The trail features mesmerizing red buttes from the Sonoran Desert. To the north in White Canyon Wilderness, you will find some hiking trails. To the south, you can reach the Gila River. You will find beautiful willows alongside the trail as well. The trail is best for off-roaders of a moderate skill level as it contains steep climbs and descents. The trail can also become washed out after heavy rain. Those who want an off-road experience with exciting challenges and marvelous desert scenery should look no further than Walnut Creek. 


Reymert Mine is the trail for off-roaders who live for iconic historical sites. This trail is short yet immensely memorable. You will see what is left of a ghost town. Most of the town was bulldozed in the late 1970s, making the remaining stone foundations a truly unique sighting. You can also see what is left of an iconic cabin known as the “Sugar Shack.”Overall, the trail is rather easy, though there are some slightly rocky areas. Reymert Mine provides an incredible experience with a rich tribute to the area. 

Hieroglyphic Mountains Loop

With camping and different challenges, Hieroglyphic Mountains Loop is a fitting trail for off-roaders who enjoy relaxing in the desert as much as conquering obstacles. Those off-roading in ATVs and UTVSs will enjoy the narrow and steep start of the trail. Wide and sandy wash bottoms await at the second half. There is an enjoyable waterfall as well. The trail also has peaks with wonderful desert views. Given the narrow and steep nature, this is a more difficult trail that beginners should avoid. Off-roaders who embrace challenges need to check out Hieroglyphic Mountains Loop.

Senator Highway, Crown King Road

 Senator Highway to Crown King Road is a great way to  take in some historic scenery. The road can take some time to drive through, so off-roaders should make sure they have enough time. There are some breathtaking ghost towns that you will not want to miss. Off-roaders who want a hiking break will enjoy the trails along the route. History buffs will want to see Bradshaw City. Named after William Bradhsaw, the site pays tribute to the first man in the area to discover gold. Bradshaw City is now more of a picnic stop but still pays wonderful tribute to what used to be a thriving city. This is a fairly easy trail with just a few ruts and some muddy parts. Senator Highway to Crown King Road has the historic elements necessary for an unforgettable sightseeing experience. 

Rolls OHV Area, East Side

The east side of Rolls OHV Area is one of the more incredible experiences available to off-roaders in the Phoenix Valley. The Rolls region features narrow canyons. Saguaro Lake has two coves welcome to anyone who needs a nice place to relax. One cove is a sandy beach while the other has a splendid rocky shoreline. The trail is not for beginners but not for only experts either with some steep hills. The east side of Rolls OHV Area is a great trail for off-roaders who want to do more than off-road.

Apache Trail

Apache trail is an experience for off-roaders who love different natural elements. This is an easy trail that starts above the enchanting Salt River Valley with alluring mountain views. The road then descends into Fish Creek Bridge and ends at Theodore Roosevelt Dam. Along the trail is the Salt River. You can hike on some of many trails just south of Apache Trail. The trail works for passenger cars as it starts paved and then turns into driveable dirt. Experiencing the wonderfully different aspects of Apache Trail will leave no doubt as to why it was a favorite area of President Teddy Roosevelt. 

Elvis Trail

Known for a very rock nature, Elvis Trail is the perfect trail for adventurous off-roaders. Many of the obstacles on the trail are very challenging with even the bypasses being difficult. The rocks are noticeably pointy and unwelcoming. The trail starts off as an easy sand and rocky wash but becomes much more daunting. The rocky lanes are narrow and will lead you to very tight turns. Off-roaders who can handle a difficult trail will find Elvis Trail highly rewarding. 

Four Peaks

Four Peaks is a trail for off-roaders who live and breathe the desert. Immaculate views of Mazatzal Mountains and Lake Roosevelt along with a diverse desert landscape help make this a trail that stands out. There are also some hiking trails along the way. The trail is easy as it is well maintained with some ruts on the side. Off-roaders who need to get out of the city will find what they need at Four Peaks. 

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