Fund Your Local Avalanche Center

When you purchase an onX Offroad subscription through our website, we’ll donate $10 to the avalanche center of your choice to help fund their forecasts.

When you purchase an onX Offroad subscription through our website, we’ll donate $10 to the avalanche center of your choice to help fund their forecasts.

Our local avalanche forecasters save our lives. They work in cold, dangerous conditions to ensure snowmobilers, skiers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts are getting the most accurate, up-to-date avalanche forecasts available. 

During the month of November, when you purchase an onX Offroad membership via our website, we’ll donate $10 to your local avalanche center to help fund their forecasts. We’re partnering with 25 avalanche centers across the country to support their work spreading snow safety. 

It’s time to pull that sled out of storage and get ready to hit the trails and slopes. Make sure you are sled ready by taking an avalanche safety course, making sure your safety gear is ready to go, and by saving your Offroad maps for offline use. Time to shred.

Participating Avalanche Centers

Choose from one of these 25 Avalanche Centers and we’ll donate $10 to your choice to help fund their forecasts when you purchase.

Snowmobile Maps and Backcountry Tools

Avalanches Forecasts

First things first—before you head out on that sled, every avalanche professional recommends checking the forecast. With comprehensive information about conditions, snowpack, and much more a forecast is where every winter backcountry adventure needs to begin. With onX Offroad, you can see synthesized avalanche forecasts inside the App for your zone.

Slope Angle

Too steep, or just right? Some of our favorite snowmobiling areas are prime for avalanches. Don’t guess on slope angle. Check your Offroad App and get accurate slope angles wherever you plan on going. We’ve overlaid a color gradient that outlines the steepness of the terrain onto the map. Always know what’s above, around, and below you as avalanches propagate not just from the slope you’re on.

Meet the Forecasters

During the most dangerous avalanche year on record, Andy Bond at Taos Avalanche Center found himself without any funding. Learn how he resurrected this scrappy nonprofit in the Sangre De Cristo range to provide a top-tier backcountry experience for northern New Mexico.

Avalanches By The Numbers

They pick no favorites, so be sure to make the right decision.

1,238Square Miles

There are 67 public forecasters and 82,942 square miles of terrain. This requires each forecaster to observe an average of just over 1200 square miles of terrain.


In nine out of ten avalanche incidents, an avalanche is triggered by the victim or someone in the victim’s party.

2xSnowmobile Deaths

Avalanches cause twice as many snowmobile deaths than an other winter activity.


Nearly 1,000 human-triggered avalanches were caused during the 2020-2021 season in Colorado.

Looking for Human-Powered Adventures?

The flurries are flying, which means it’s time to wax up the planks or strap on the snowshoes. If you’re looking for ways to adventure farther in the backcountry under your own power — any season of the year — check out onX Backcountry. Access thousands of miles of trails with detailed descriptions and photos. During the month of November onX Backcountry is also donating $10 from subscription purchases to an avalanche forecast center of your choice.