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With onX Offroad Elite you can view private landowner names, boundaries, and acreage right in the App.

Know Who Owns Private Property with onX Offroad Elite

Private landowner information is available to the public, but under normal circumstances can be very difficult to find. With onX Offroad Elite you can view private landowner names, boundaries, and acreage right in the App. Curious who owns the land around a trail easement? Now you can check.

  • Over 147 million private properties listed.
  • Color-coded land data so you always know where you’re okay to ride.
  • No blank spots—tap anywhere on your map for more details.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Use the most trusted off-roading and snowmobiling app to discover nearby trails, plan and track your trips, and get home safely. Now available on Apple Carplay and Android Auto to provide you with all of the information you need—including private property information with Elite—without having to use your phone while driving.

Pay more attention to the trail and the adventure ahead—plug in, connect, and go!

You Also Get All Our Premium Features

Discover 615K+ miles of trails and find your next off-road adventure with just a tap on the map. Enjoy all onX Offroad’s premium features, including:

  • Easily see open or closed trails with clear color coding.
  • Tap a trail for difficulty rating, clearance level, duration, photos, and more.
  • Download Offline Maps to take all your info with you far from coverage.
  • Create custom Waypoints and Tracks at home or on the trail—they’ll sync when you’re back on the grid.
  • Adventuring year-round? Switch to Snow Mode for snowmobile trails, slope angle, and avalanche forecast info right in the App.
  • And much more …

Powerful 3D Planning

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“The Offroad app from onX is so significant; it makes discovering remote destinations, then navigating to them, as easy as looking at your smartphone.”

“Planning an overland adventure can often be fraught with difficulty. That’s where onX comes in as a super useful tool; its app is like having 5,000 paper maps in a much easier to manage package.”

“onX Offroad takes a crucial step in the game and gives users access to hundreds of thousands of miles of trails with daily information updates while staying incredibly user friendly.”

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