Metal Masher

This iconic loop around Arths Rim features one of the best overlooks in Moab.

Total Miles


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6 Hours
Technical Rating
8 / 10
Best Time
Spring - Fall

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Trail Overview
Metal Masher
If you want fun and a lot of variety, you'll love this trail and the obstacles it offers. Metal Masher has become increasingly difficult over the years, and it is recommended you bring a team and have at least one rig take a bypass to the top. That way you'll have a winch point; otherwise you may be out of luck. It is a difficult trail for ATVs and is closed to OHVs.
The obstacle everyone now calls Widow Maker was not the original spot dubbed as such. It was the bad spot at the top of the steep, narrow hill around 8.2 miles in. The spot was repaired after a serious accident during which a Jeep rolled off the edge.
Getting There
From Center Street in Moab, drive north on Hwy. 191 After 6.1 miles, turn right on good road at sign for Metal Masher. We start the trail here. Reset your odometer, or if you use a GPS unit, reset the mileage here.
Contact for Current Conditions
BLM Moab Field Office
82 E. Dogwood Ave, Moab, UT 84532