Wheeler Lake

Climb through a beautiful valley up to a lake with a waterfall.

Total Miles


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3 to 4 Hours
Technical Rating
7 / 10
Best Time
Summer - Fall

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Trail Overview
Wheeler Lake
Be sure to bring your camera on this beautiful climb through a valley and to an alpine lake with a waterfall. Enjoy the wildflowers and some great fishing. This trail will also take you directly under Magnolia Mill.
In the 1860s, a town called Montgomery filled the mouth of this massive valley at the base of Mt. Lincoln. At its peak, the town consisted of over 150 cabins and buildings, which are now buried under the waters of Montgomery Reservoir. The only thing left standing is the Magnolia Mill. You can’t miss it because the trail passes directly under it. The metal construction of the building would suggest that it was modernized and used at a later date.
Getting There
Head west on County Road 4 from Highway 9. County Road 4 comes in from two different points off Highway 9. Northern point is one mile south of Hoosier Pass, which is south of Breckenridge. Southern point is about 2 miles north of Alma. The roads merge before Montgomery Reservoir. Follow road around northwest side of reservoir until road narrows and turns uphill to right.
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