Slide Lake, Wurtz Ditch

A bumpy ride up to beautiful Slide Lake with views of Homestake Peak.

Total Miles


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2 Hours
Technical Rating
4 / 10
Best Time
Summer - Fall

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Trail Overview
Slide Lake, Wurtz Ditch
Get ready for a bumpy ride up to Slide Lake, a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by mountains, including Homestake Peak at 13,215 feet. Wurtz Ditch (or Wurts/Wuritz Ditch) is an optional side-trip, but fairly long and uneventful. FS 145 opens the beginning of July, or whenever the road is dry enough to drive. This area is popular with hikers and bikers so please be respectful.
Wurtz Ditch, a diversion dam, collects surface water that flows down the mountainside. The road across the top of the dam seems to be flat, but actually climbs a few hundred feet over its 10.5-mile length when heading north. Because it is smooth and relatively flat, it is a popular mountain bike trail for beginners. Please be alert for mountain bikers and hikers as you go around many blind curves.
Getting There
Drive north from Leadville on Highway 24 about 7 miles and turn left on C.R. 19 between mile markers 168 and 167.
Contact for Current Conditions
San Isabel N.F.
Leadville R.D.
(719) 486-0749