Deadman Road

This is a long easy road with great scenery.

Total Miles


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1 to 2 Hours
Technical Rating
2 / 10
Best Time
Summer - Fall

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Trail Overview
Deadman Road
This major county road grants access to numerous OHV trails in the Red Feather Lakes area. Camp and take some time to explore all of the activities available. There are designated portions for unlicensed vehicles. Road is closed from December 1 to June 14.
Red Feather Lakes: A post office was first established in 1896 at what was then called the Perry Ranch. The area was first called Westlake, but later became Red Feather Lakes. Businessmen decided to develop the area in the early 1900s. Ditches and dams were built to create many of the lakes. In 1923, an association was established to develop what has become an outstanding recreation area. About 500 people live here year-round.
Getting There
From Fort Collins, take Highway 287 northwest to Livermore and turn left on paved Red Feather Lakes Road 74E. Head west for almost 24 miles. Just past Red Feather Lakes, turn left onto Deadman Road, marked C.R. 86. You can also reach Red Feather Lakes from Highway 14 near Rustic. Head north on C.R. 69 about 3 miles. Turn left where 68C goes right to Boy Scout Camp. The road starts out heading west then eventually goes north 6.7 miles to Red Feather Lakes. Turn left on paved 74E, then turn left on Deadman Road marked C.R. 86.
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