Ocotillo Wells SVRA

This trail offers a good initiation into the large Ocotillon Wells area.

Total Miles


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4 Hours
Technical Rating
4 / 10
Best Time
Fall/ Winter/ Spring

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Trail Overview
Ocotillo Wells SVRA
Travel west to east on this trail taking you through the middle of Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area. It is a good starting point when learning to navigate the unique terrain in the area. Once you're comfortable, you can have fun on the more challenging side roads. Camping is available, with pay showers at Holmes Camp.
The “Wells” in “Ocotillo Wells” is said to be derived from exploratory oil wells that existed here from 1919 to 1984. During WWII, portions of the area were used for military training. After the war, surplus Willys Jeeps were bought by civilians and used here for recreation. In April of 1976, Ocotillo Wells was officially designated as an SVRA (State Vehicular Recreation Area).
Getting There
Take State Route 78 to Ranger Station Road about halfway between Borrego Springs and Highway 86. If coming from Highway 86, Ranger Station Road is west 18.5 miles. Head north on Ranger Station Road about 0.2 miles to Quarry Road on right. Before you turn, you’ll see the Discovery Center and Ranger Station just ahead.
Contact for Current Conditions
Discovery Center
(760) 767-5391