Mojave Road, Central

There is no lack of things to see on this trail through the Mojave National Preserve.

Total Miles


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8 Hours
Technical Rating
4 / 10
Best Time
Fall/ Winter/ Spring

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Trail Overview
Mojave Road, Central
This is a fun trail that features sights such as the Rock House, the Government Holes, Marl Springs and the Mail Box. Since the entire trail is located inside the Mojave National Preserve, only street-legal vehicles are allowed.
Bert Smith built the Rock House in 1929. He came to this desolate place in an attempt to prolong his life after being exposed to poisonous gases in WWI. Although not expected to live long, he lasted another 25 years. You'll see signs for a loop hiking trail by the cabin. We recommend the hike. It leads to photogenic Rock Spring that provided water for the cabin. From 1866 to 1868, Rock Spring was the site of a military outpost.
Getting There
Trail starts on Ivanpah/Lanfair/Goffs Road, where Mojave Road East ends. This point is about 17.2 miles north of Goffs and 0.8 mile north of Cedar Canyon Road.
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Mojave National Preserve
Kelso V.C.
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