Mirror, Strawberry Lake

Three amazing lakes are the reward for the extreme rock crawling you have to do to get there.

Total Miles


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6 Hours
Technical Rating
7 / 10
Best Time
Summer/ Fall

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Trail Overview
Mirror, Strawberry Lake
You can enjoy this secluded camping and fishing destination if you're willing to work for it or hike to it. Experienced drivers may be able to reach West Lake in a stock vehicle. There is a nice staging area at Sand Flats, and green-sticker vehicles are permitted. Don't set up camp within 100 feet of the lakes or damp areas.
Getting There
There: From Dinkey Creek Road in Shaver Lake, head north on Highway 168. Pass Tamarack Ridge after 11 miles. Cross a bridge at 13.5 miles, then turn right on F.S. 8S10 where large grouping of signs tells which lakes are open. Drive another 1.9 miles then turn right following sign to Red Mountain OHV Area. Turn left at 3.2 miles on F.S. 8S42 by a corral. Stay right ignoring lesser side roads before reaching Sand Flats at 6.5 miles.
Contact for Current Conditions
Sierra National Forest
High Sierra Ranger District
(559) 855-5355