E-scouting for Elk With Randy Newberg: Episode 1

What To Expect In This Series…

Success will always favor the well prepared and it’s never too late to begin scouting for your next hunting season. Whether you’re heading back to your tried-and-true honey hole, or venturing into a new state, scouting can be the difference between filling your freezer and eating tag soup. As important as scouting is, though, not everyone has the precious time for boots-on-the-ground scouting missions. That’s where E-scouting comes in.

As an experienced scouting practitioner, onX ambassador Randy Newberg has found success all across the West with E-scouting.

This is the first video in a new, 10-part series where Newberg partners with onX to teach the tips and tricks of E-scouting.

Tune in every week to learn more, and take home the skills to make this next hunting season your best yet.

Success favors the prepared
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Video Transcription:

Hey folks. Thanks for tuning into this whole new series of videos we’re doing with onX, called ‘E-Scouting.’ Now that we’re scouting from right here at home, on your desk, using the onX Hunt mapping system, no matter whether it’s an area in your backyard or an area 1,500 miles across the country, the whole idea is that we’re going to go through a whole series of videos that walk through how we do this. How we put together our plan, how we go about deciding what areas we’re going to eliminate, what areas we’re going to look at. All kinds of things.

But before we get into this, onX wants to make sure that you know that if you’re watching this video, if you’re following along in any of our platforms, all of our viewers, they have a special promo code for you where they’re going to give you 20 percent off what you see right here in front of me. This app. This desktop app, the smartphone app. Use promo code RANDY, and you’re gonna save 20 percent.

In this first video, I want to explain, here’s the things that we’re going to talk about and maybe tell you some things that we’re not going to cover, so that you don’t get your hopes up, or we don’t set any false expectations.

But the things we’re gonna talk about are the ones that we know from personal experience are very important, and also, from all the comments that we got from our listeners and our viewers of things that they think would be helpful. So, we’re going to start that with understanding.

I’m referring to heavily-pressured public land bull elk. When we’re doing that planning, we start with the five periods of elk hunting. And you’ve heard us talk about it many times. We have a whole series of videos out on our YouTube channel about the five seasons of elk hunting. Real quickly, it’s the early season, it’s the pre-rut, it’s the peak-rut, it’s the post-rut, and the last is the late season.

And the reason that is so important is because in every one of those seasons, elk have a different primary need. So, whatever that need is for the season you’re hunting them, they’re gonna go somewhere on the landscape that allows them to fulfill that primary need. So, that’s why we break everything down based on ‘which of these five seasons is my tag for?’ It does you no good to build an e-scouting plan based on an August early-season pattern when you’re gonna be hunting in November late season.

So, from this big compilation of comments we have, I’m just gonna scroll through a few of them, of things that we’re gonna cover in this series. We’re gonna talk about things such as base camps versus backpack camps. Obviously we’re gonna talk about how each of those applies in any of the five seasons that we’re hunting the elk.

We’re gonna talk about why you should select this burn versus that burn. And we’re gonna talk about how you hunt this type of burn versus that type of burn. We’re gonna talk about clear-cuts and other disruptions to the canopies. Because you always hear me talk about, “Any time there’s a disruption to the canopy of the forest, down below becomes food.” When that sunlight hits the ground, food comes up. And we’re always looking for disruptions. We’re gonna show you how to find things other than just burns.

We’re gonna talk about sanctuaries. What is a sanctuary? How do you find a sanctuary? Once you find it, how do you hunt it? We’re also gonna cover one of the things that is a reality of public land hunting: How do you use hunting pressure as your ally? In using your onX system, you can pretty much guess where 90% of the hunting pressure’s going to be. And you can account for that, and you can adapt accordingly and make your plan work with hunting pressure as your ally.

So, we’re gonna take an elk tag that we have, not gonna give you a specific unit, but a general idea because we have some elk tags this year. And we’re gonna go through how we’re gonna pick the spot for day one, and day two and day three. And what do we do when day one, or two or three doesn’t work out? How are we gonna do this from a planning standpoint? But once we get there, how do we implement the plan on a daily basis during our hunt? And while we’re implementing that plan, how do we adapt and change based on things that are occurring differently out there on the landscape than what we might’ve expected when we were here at our computer?

We’re gonna talk about where you can find other resources that are helpful in this scouting. But don’t build a plan on something that you’re not sure of. Nothing is more frustrating than going to Colorado, driving 1,000 miles, and saying, “Huh? There’s a gate on the road. My whole plan is shot.” We’re gonna show you how not to do that.

So, I’m not gonna go through every item on this list. It’d be a 20-minute video of all the comments we got. Just know that we’re gonna be doing a lot of planning for elk hunting. We hope you’ll stay tuned. Hope you’ll watch all these videos. We hope you’ll share ’em with your friends. Hope you’ll click on the little icon down here and subscribe to our channel. And I hope you’ll go out to onX and use this product. And if you do, use promo code RANDY and save yourself 20 percent. Thanks for watching. This is gonna be a lot of fun. I hope you find it helpful.

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Written by Cavan Williams