Finding New Hunting Properties With the Drurys

In partnership with Mossy Oak, Mark and Terry Drury break down exactly what they’re looking for when searching for new hunting land.

Evaluating a hunting property can be challenging, especially if that property is across state lines or not easily accessible. By using these tips from the Drurys and the onX Hunt App, you can better understand and hone in on the perfect hunting property for your needs.

The tools you need
With onX Hunt’s comprehensive suite of features, understanding a landscape and how deer move through it has never been easier.

The Tools for the Job

The Hunt App provides all the tools you need to put together a comprehensive picture of prospective hunting properties. Use these features to evaluate a piece of land, then put them to work on bagging a mature buck after you pull the trigger on your new spot.

Web Map

In addition to the onX Hunt App, you can use your home computer to view all the same features on a much larger screen. This is especially useful while evaluating a property—the larger screen lets you gain a perspective on the entire property and identity details that warrant further consideration. Additionally, any Waypoints or other Map Markups you save on Web Map will automatically transfer to the App.

onX Hunt Web Map


With Satellite, Topographic and Hybrid Basemaps, understanding the lay of the land is a breeze. Use the Satellite Basemap to gain an overview of the property while determining habitat diversity, the availability of water and natural pinch points. The Topographic Basemap will help you get an idea of how deer move through the landscape based on funnels, saddles and benches. Or, you can combine the two with the Hybrid Basemap to see the entire picture at once.

onX Hunt Basemaps.

Custom Waypoints

While you’re checking out a new property on the Hunt App or Web Map, set Waypoints at areas of interest so you can be sure to check them out when you set foot on the parcel. Ensuring that you walk the land with purpose will give you a head start on both assessing the viability of the property and planning your first land management projects if you go through with the purchase or lease.

Understand the land
Use the Hunt App to build a comprehensive picture of the landscape before you set foot on new ground.

Christian Fichtel

Raised in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, Christian Fichtel now resides in rural Montana. He is a father, writer, hunter, and fly fisherman.