E-scouting With Randy Newberg

Last year, Randy Newberg and onX produced the Complete Guide to E-Scouting for Elk. Now, Randy is back with a new series that shows how to put everything into practice in a real-world scenario.

Michael Parente, one of Randy Newberg’s field producers, drew his first limited entry tag this year. Before the crew heads to Wyoming to punch that tag, Randy and Michael sat down to work through the E-Scouting process and show how they can up Michael’s odds by going into the hunt fully prepared.

Below, you’ll find four videos that go through the entire E-Scouting process. Michael hopes to fill his tag with a pre-rut archery hunt in September, but he will return for a post-rut hunt and a late-season rifle hunt if necessary. This video series covers all of these possibilities, so you’ll find some valuable info regardless of the timing of your hunts.

Success Favors the Prepared
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Episode 1: Hands-On E-Scouting Using onX

In the first of four videos, Randy and Michael introduce the E-Scouting series and discuss the framework they will use to build their plan. By prioritizing the changing needs of elk as they move through the fall season, the guys hope to address one of Randy’s favorite sayings—you can’t kill an elk if you can’t find an elk.

Episode 2: Pre-Rut E-Scouting Using onX

Michael’s pre-rut scouting plan focuses on how feeding patterns influence the behavior of cow elk and the movement of the bulls that follow them. By identifying core areas and devoting a day before the hunt to boots-on-the-ground scouting, Michael feels confident about finding animals early.

Episode 3: Post-Rut E-Scouting Using onX

Randy calls the post-rut period the hardest time to kill an elk. Michael identifies ranches that don’t allow hunting as prime elk sanctuaries and builds a post-rut plan based on areas where he thinks elk will seek cover when the hunting pressure picks up with the rifle opener.

Episode 4: Late Season E-Scouting Using onX

As Randy and Michael move into their late-season planning, their considerations include potentially rough weather and bulls that have transitioned into bachelor groups. As hunting pressure begins to dissipate and food becomes harder to find, elk may begin to move further from private land sanctuaries toward sage flats that aren’t covered with snow. By identifying spots where bedding areas and food sources are in close proximity, Michael hopes to find elk and fill his tag before the season comes to a close.

Christian Fichtel

Raised in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, Christian Fichtel now resides in rural Montana. He is a father, writer, hunter, and fly fisherman.