Dakota 283 is dedicated to building unparalleled pet protection and tailgate lifestyle products for you and your best friends.  Our kennels and water and food systems are capable of handling the harshest conditions in the back of a hunting truck in mid-winter as well as children in a minivan on family vacation. Our storage vaults offer protection for anything from expensive camera equipment to hunting shotguns and ammo. Dakota 283 builds products for practical use and application that fits into the adventurous lifestyles lived from the backs of SUVs, trucks, and cars.

onX Employee Testimonial

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the sporting dog kennels on the market, and Dakota 283 is on the top of the list. The company got its start producing¬†military cases for defense contractors, where there is no room for error. The same level of engineering, expertise, and attention detail has gone into the kennels. There is a perfect balance between superior protection, and weight, which is very important as I’m traveling the country with my 3 dogs. To top it off, the founder, Greg Cronkhite ensures his customers are taken care of, and takes pride in the quality of his American made and assembled products.

Ben B., Regional Hunt Manager
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