Cornerstone Gundog Academy

Elite Only: Free Preseason Tune-Up Module and $200 Off the 52 Plus Training System

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Elite Only: Free Preseason Tune-Up Module and $200 Off the 52 Plus Training System

Scroll down to learn more.

Every retriever owner strives for a reliable, bird fetching machine, but let’s face it—the training process can be difficult. To help get the most out of your dog, we’ve teamed up with Cornerstone Gundog Academy so you can nail the fundamentals with proven solutions to problems every handler faces on their journey to training a finished gun dog. Cornerstone has curated a free module for onX Hunt Elite Members, focusing on the five most common problems and solutions that retriever owners face, whether they’re raising a puppy or have a finished dog they’ve been hunting with for years.

Cornerstone Gun Academy

  • onX Hunt Elite Members have access to:
    • A FREE exclusive module focused on preparing your retriever for the upcoming waterfowl season
    • FREE access to new onX exclusive content from Cornerstone Gundog Academy as it releases
    • $200 off the purchase of the Cornerstone 52 Plus Training System Course

Josh Parvin

“Cornerstone Gundog Academy started from our desire to help others be able to train a retriever they are proud of and able to say “I did that!” With our first lab, we invested heavily in training but didn’t end up with what we wanted. It was a punch in the gut! That frustration led us on a long journey about dogs, how they learn, and how they respond to training. We discovered the keys that help someone who’s never trained a retriever before be successful. Over time, we developed the process based on principles that simply work. We hope you enjoy training your dog with Cornerstone as much as the thousands of CGA Members before you. BuildFromHere!”

Josh Peck

“Cornerstone Gundog Academy was exactly what I needed as a first-time dog trainer. The program is easy to follow and shows what to do from the beginning stages of obedience all the way through advanced gundog skills. Most importantly, CGA taught me how to adapt with my dog to different situations and how to become a better handler. In addition to the training program, there is an amazing community of members that are always willing to help you get through rough patches of training. It is a fantastic program and I will continue to use it with all my future dogs.”

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