New Feature Update: Discover

onX Offroad has made it easier to find nearby trails and roads, no matter where you’re looking to explore. No more scouring maps and websites, wondering if a trail or road is open. Now, with a single tap, Premium users can find open trails within 100 miles of their location on the map.

How to Use Discover

  1. On the main screen menu, tap Discover.
  2. Scroll through Featured Trails near you. Scroll down further to see all trails within 100 miles of your location on the map.
  3. Tap a trail for more information. (Can’t see any trails? Start a free 7-day Premium trial now. No credit card required.)
  4. Tap Filter Trails to filter by vehicle and width restrictions.

You can use the Discover feature as you move the map. Scroll around and you’ll notice that the “nearby” trails change as you move. So, whether you’re looking for trails at home or across the country, onX Offroad shows you the best places to adventure next.

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410K+ Miles of Motorized Trails and Roads

Access more than 410K miles of off-road trails and roads, with more being added every week. Explore 985M miles of public lands. Planning a trip? Check out the almost 500K recreation points to help you plan your adventures, such as campgrounds, fishing accesses, trailheads and breweries.

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Jenny Sheets

Jenny Sheets is the copywriter and on the product marketing team for onX Offroad. She lives in Montana where she dirt bikes, trail runs, camps, and overlands with her husband and dog.