Top Tactics: Mistakes Archery Elk Hunters Make

August 19, 2020 | Hunt

Join the team at Born and Raised Outdoors as they walk through the top mistakes they have seen elk hunters make in the mountains. These are common mistakes they have learned from and worked through, and as we’re all preparing for the coming season, it’s time to learn from their experience.

“… All those mistakes that we made, it was because of our experience in the woods and actually going out and trying. And you’re going to have those close calls. You’re going to have the could have, should have, would have type moments. Use those as a building block for the next time and keep those experiences in and just try your heart out.” - Born and Raised Outdoors

Here are a few of the top mistakes the Born and Raised team talks about:

  • Not using a wind checker
  • Practicing with target tips but not broadheads
  • Being afraid to call
  • Leaving a bugling bull, even if it seems like he’s heading away from you
  • Leaving as soon as the sun climbs high
  • Once you hear a bull bugle, leaping in without studying the terrain
  • Leaving water to find water

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