E-Scouting Elk with Born and Raised Outdoors

August 13, 2020 | Hunt

Our friends at Born and Raised Outdoors have just released a comprehensive e-scouting video series for Western archery elk hunters. From insight on e-scouting elk in Colorado, to navigating public and private land in Montana, to tips and tricks for e-scouting in New Mexico, Kody Kellom walks hunters through his best advice for e-scouting before your hunt.

Whether your hunting plans take you to those states or elsewhere, join Kody as he shares his own experience preparing for archery elk hunts in the West.

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Finding Hidden Elk: E-Scouting Colorado

Follow along with Born and Raised Outdoors’ Kody Kellom as he shares his insight on scouting and mapping out a Colorado elk hunt using onX Hunt.

Quick tips:

  • Actively seek places to avoid hunting pressure
  • Target key elk habitat: dense timber, burns, open parks, and water
  • Have multiple plans so you can stay mobile if hunting is slow
  • Analyze topography and elevation

Public & Private: E-Scouting for Elk in Montana

Join Kody as he goes into detail on e-scouting Montana. Learn how to navigate public and private land, and what aspects of the land will be most important in your upcoming hunt.

Quick tips:

  • Utilize land ownership information to navigate public and private boundaries
  • Hunt smaller, often-overlooked sections of public land
  • Find areas where elk move from private to public land
  • Find obscure access locations

Pro Tips: E-Scouting New Mexico

Last but not least, Kody covers the great state of New Mexico, giving hunters his best tips and tricks for finding public land elk.

Quick tips:

  • Find water (springs, tanks, and guzzlers) where bulls frequent
  • Night bugle to locate bulls for the next day
  • Utilize roads and trail data to figure out how to navigate your unit and find key spots
  • Use a topo map to find glassing points

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