Top Gift Ideas for Dads Who Hunt

September 11, 2020 | Hunt

Looking for the best hunting gifts for dads? Whether it’s for Christmas, Father’s Day, a birthday, or that special anniversary, we have put together a list of the latest and greatest hunting gear for nearly any size budget. This wide selection of gifts for dads includes everything from hunting GPS units and hunting boots to a new twist on hunting knives and high-end optics.

Hunting Gear Gifts under $50

Game Bags - Keeps bugs, dirt, predators, and bad weather away from fresh meat with a set of game bags for Dad. A four-pack of Alaska Game Bags ($39.99) will cover all four quarters plus backstraps and tenderloins. Plus, they’re washable and reusable.

onX Hunt Premium - onX Hunt is available for single states across the U.S. for $29.99 per state per year. With Premium membership, every Dad will get all features, including layers, property boundaries, points of interest, custom waypoints, and more. He can even use it on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Hunting Gifts for Dads under $250

Knife - Giving Dad a new knife is one of the most iconic, timeless gifts out there, but this year why not save him from having to sharpen his knife in the field after a successful hunt. Replaceable blade knives are hot right now. The premise is simple, as one blade gets dull, pop a new one on. Outdoor retailers are stocking a variety of options right now, like the Havalon Talon ($79.99).

onX Hunt Elite - No one wants Dad to get lost in the woods. That’s why equipping him with a Premium membership for onX Hunt ($99) is the solid choice. Also available for single states, onX Hunt are maps for hunting made by hunters. With Offline Maps, Dad won’t even need to rely on having cell service in the backcountry to find his way out and back. If over 2,000 game wardens use it and approve, Dads everywhere can trust it.

Gifts for Dads Who Hunt Under $100

Game Calls - Give a Dad a better shot at hunting success with a new game call. Different game calls simulate different sounds, but they all have the common goal to draw animals closer to the hunter. Some calls mimic sounds to attract other animals closer, and other calls mimic distress sounds to attract predators.

A quality duck or goose call from makers like Rolling Thunder, Zink, or Rich-n-Tone range from $120-$165. Dads can then practice the eight essential duck calls, such as the Quack, Feed Call, Comeback Call, and the Lonesome Hen.

Gift Ideas for Dads under $500

Reloading - Every hunter dreams of finding the perfect caliber and load for rifle hunting. Why not outfit Dad with his own reloading kit (Hornady Lock-n-Load Reloading Kit - $329.99)? By reloading your own ammunition, you get to use the right components that work for your exact gun and that perform best for your specific hunt and conditions.

Hunting Gifts for Dads Under $500

Hunting Boots - A reliable pair of hunting boots is considered essential hunting gear by most hunters. Why risk a good hunt going bad because of blisters, discomfort, or cold feet? Good hunting boots will prevent all three, and more. Features like waterproofing, ankle support, and durable tread should be top choices for Dad’s next pair of hunting boots. For consideration, the Crispi Idaho II GTX 10” ($400) has all these features in a lightweight package.

Best Hunting Gifts under $750

Hunting GPS - Navigation technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. Today, GPS units can also include two-way radios (Garmin Rino 755t - $649.99), and most of them are compatible with the onX Hunt Chip.

Gifts for Hunting Dads Under $750

Grill - We’re not talking about a run-of-the-mill charcoal hibachi that might tip over when you flip a burger. Make Dad a grill master by getting him a grill that will last a lifetime and make every meal a memorable one. A quality grill, like the Traeger Pro Series 34 ($699.99), will take the guesswork out of temperature control and can be fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets for that real wood-smoked flavor.

Gifts for Hunters under $1,000

Spotting Scope - Get Dad out hunting more by giving him the best scouting tool a hunter can carry - a spotting scope (Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50. $999). Spotting scopes can take a lot of physical work out of finding game. Glassing a hillside to look for legal game will make Dad a more prepared hunter and keep him from wasting hours of daylight and miles of pursuit.

Top Hunting Gear Gifts for Dads

3D Archery Targets - If you want to get Dad in top shooting shape for bow season, he’ll need to be practicing realistic hunting scenarios. The best way to do this is by shooting at a variety of 3D targets. Available for nearly every huntable species and in a variety of positions, pick out a few for Dad and set him up with his own archery range. 3D target prices vary considerably, from $250 for a quality whitetail buck to $599 for a Bighorn sheep and nearly $1,500 for a life-size bull elk. With two or three targets in his backyard, Dad will be a happy hunter.

Give Dad the Gift of onX Hunt

Premium and Elite memberships for Dads who hunt.

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