Fill Your Tags with DeerCast

November 27, 2019 | Hunt

Time is dwindling to punch your tag and fill your freezer. Drury Outdoors’ DeerCast will help you use the time you have remaining to optimize your sits and help you fill that tag burning a hole in your pocket.

For more than thirty years, Mark and Terry Drury have made careers out of pursuing and understanding mature whitetails. Their combined in-the-field research and experience is now available to you within DeerCast. DeerCast utilizes real-time weather data for your selected locations and interprets, hour-by-hour, 13 different weather variables that Mark and Terry have identified as key whitetail influencers. The algorithm factors in each variable’s relationship to the 13 phases of the whitetail season and generates a forecast for deer movement in that specific area. In short, DeerCast fuses decades of in-the-woods experience with cutting-edge technology, predicting the best times for you to be in your stand, greatly increasing your odds of harvesting one of your hitlist bucks.

Screenshot of the DeerCast App by Drury Outdoors.

Taking this all a step farther is DeerCast Custom. This feature allows you to increase the optimism or pessimism of the DeerCast based on actual movement you are seeing on each of your properties. I’ve personally checked DeerCast before each and every sit this fall and after setting up my Custom, have been incredibly impressed with the accuracy of the predictive analysis. There have been a handful of days this fall I have headed to the woods instead of watching football purely based on the DeerCast— and it has paid off!

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DeerCast Track makes the most nerve-wracking moments of the hunt far more comfortable. Most anyone who has deer hunted for any period of time has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows that track jobs bring. DeerCast Track now allows you to take into account every aspect of your shot, angle, location of hit, blood types—then gives you relatable content to compare your shot to, as well as recommendations on when to start tracking, common mistakes and what the sign you are finding may mean.

Download DeerCast now and be sure you enter for your chance to win the 60-acre farm the Drurys are giving away for their 30th anniversary. It will be your own whitetail mecca in northern Missouri, completely set up and ready for you by the Drury Outdoors team!

Woman hunting in camouflage looking at an app on her phone.

Header Image: Jessica DeLorenzo