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onX Backcountry Has You Covered

With onX Backcountry, you gain access to a comprehensive range of resources that empower you to make informed choices during your backcountry adventures. Within this single app, you will discover guidebook-caliber route descriptions, intricately detailed topo and 3D maps, slope angle and aspect maps, as well as invaluable information on avalanche observations and fatalities. All these essential tools are conveniently at your fingertips, ensuring you have everything you require for a successful expedition.

Route Builder Tool

Optimize your planning on and off-trail by seamlessly building your objective in as little as two clicks.

Offline Maps

Use Offline Maps to download maps to your phone that include all of the markups you’ve made for any selected area. When you’ve turned your Offline Map on, the GPS in your phone will connect to satellites to give your real-time location—even when cell signal is long behind you.

3D Maps

Bring the mountains to life within your digital map. Now available on Android, IOS, and Webmap, our 3D maps help you visualize the journey ahead from the comfort of home.

Key Layers

Confidence-inspiring layers like Active Wildfire, Air Quality, Public and Private Lands, and Trail Slope Grade, have been hand picked for you.

Trails Guidebook

Tap the Discover button to view backcountry adventures with expert-curated information like detailed route descriptions, elevation profiles, photos, local weather, and more.


onX Backcountry’s Tracker draws a line behind you while you’re on your hike so you can know where you’ve been and know where you’re going.

How to Use onX Backcountry

We’re your one-stop-shop for discovering, planning, navigating, and documenting your next human-powered adventure. With all that power, comes great responsibility. Learn how to use it wisely by watching the video below.

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