The Ultimate Backcountry Snow Adventure Maps

Adventure is just a few taps away with our intuitive planning tool. With guidebook quality route descriptions, detailed maps, Slope Angle, and real-time weather you have all of the tools you’ll need to plan your winter tour.

Explore Snow Mode

Below is an interactive 3D map of Colorado’s Loveland Pass with our Slope Angle Layer toggled on. Use Control + Drag to rotate, tilt, and pan. Login or create an account to gain full functionality and find areas like this near you.

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How to use onX Backcountry for Skiing and Splitboarding

Learn how to use onX Backcountry on your next skiing or splitboarding adventure. This in depth video will showcase how to use every feature of the app to its fullest.

View Hundreds of Backcountry Ski and Splitboard Adventures

onX Backcountry has partnered with Colorado Mountain Club and Beacon Guidebooks to provide unparalleled access to popular backcountry ski routes. View them in our interactive 3D maps for optimal route planning.

Evaluate Avalanche Forecasts

Be prepared before you head out. View Avalanche Forecasts across the country by tapping a region for more detailed information. Read the full report, observations, and then make safer, more informed decisions with onX Backcountry. Learn more about how to read an Avalanche Forecast.

Check Out Slope Angles

Avalanche risk depends on many factors, but slope angle plays a critical role. Enable the Slope Angle Layer to view detailed, color-coded data and choose your routes with safety in mind. Take a look at the map above to play around with this Layer. 

Analyze Slope Aspect

Determine the cardinal direction of the terrain you’ll be riding with onX Backcountry’s Slope Aspect Layer. Use a color-coded compass to evaluate which slopes will experience more sun exposure and wind loading as identified in the avalanche forecast.  

Monitor Snotel Stations

View SNOTEL stations to evaluate recent snowfall, temperatures, and current snow depth in high-alpine western regions. Checking SNOTEL stations helps you determine current conditions in your backcountry zone.

Observe Avalanche Incidents

Simply zoom in on a zone you’re planning to tour, snowshoe, or XC ski to see if a fatal incident or avalanche observation has occurred. Icons will populate and you can click them to populate a card with more information. We’ll update this data weekly so that you can go into your weekend tours with the best knowledge at your fingertips.

Plan, Navigate, and Share in One App
Use onX Backcountry to find new adventures near you and around the country. Plan your trips in the App, then share your Waypoints, Tracks, and other Markups with your friends.